Honest Questions:

guidelines for community interaction

Honest Questions provides a safe place to pursue God from wherever you are.  It provides a place where questions will be heard without quick or pat answers and where thoughts will be heard with true consideration.

When you enter into Honest Questions, you must leave behind your self-righteous certainty and your need to always have the answer.  None of us have complete understanding but are all on a journey toward understanding.  Exploring questions together brings each of us farther along the journey. 


1)     Trust that everyone present is on a journey toward God.

  • Do not assume that you are further along the journey than others.
  • If someone’s place in the journey is stridently wrong for you, be respectful, patient, and humble.

2)     Listen to others diligently, knowing that they might have something to teach that you don’t know you don’t know.

  • Listen with sincere interest and trust.
  • Listen to understand, not to respond.

3)     Share your thoughts boldly, knowing that you may have something to teach others.

  • Share with deep humility, understanding you might be wrong.
  • Share with love, knowing the purpose of sharing is for the good of others, not yourself.

In Honest Questions, faith is about intellect and scholarship as well as emotion. Honest Questions operates with the belief that faith nurtures our scholarship and scholarship informs our faith. 

The goal of Honest Questions is to encourage and facilitate a thoughtful approach to Christian faith by creating a safe environment in which to explore some of the challenging questions of our faith without the pressure to adopt an expected doctrinal line. 

Its premise is that we should not presume to already know God, but rather we should continuously seek God; we should not presume to already have correct understanding, but rather we should pursue it as an ongoing goal.

Honest Questions is a place to explore questions so that we can make the answers our own and, in so doing, grow closer to God. It is not a place to give or be given answers that we have not made our own through the ongoing struggle to understand. Sharing of faith and life stories is encouraged, but proselytizing of any sort is discouraged.

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