Honest Questions

(about issues of faith)

Are you eager to explore the hard and troubling questions of your faith in an environment where questions are safe and no one insists on pat, doctrinal answers?


Would you like a bit more scholarship in your faith?

Join us for a simple meal of soup and bread, a short presentation,
and group discussion at Honest Questions.

Honest Questions will meet monthly three times during Fall 2020

  • Watch a film and enjoy soup supper starting at 6:30pm
  • Discussion to follow starting at about 7:15pm

Mark Your Calendar and Join Us on Sept. 24, Oct 15 and Nov 12

All polite, curious, and interested people are welcome, regardless of faith background.

We discuss a variety of challenging issues of faith and spirituality, including: science and faith, politics and faith, problems of evil and suffering, predestination versus free will, participant-requested topics, and others.

honest questions faq

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  • I'm not a Christian, am I welcome?

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