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Honest Questions both welcomes and needs a wide variety of thoughts and perspectives, so that together we can strengthen and grow our understanding and faith, each of us starting where we are to share our journey toward God.

The character that sets the people of Honest Questions apart is an ability to hold our own beliefs in a state of potential revision, and to address views wildly different from our own with compassion and respect.  

If you are looking for a community that unquestioningly shares your current understanding of faith, then Honest Questions may not be for you, but if you are looking for a safe community to support your ongoing search for faith and understanding, then Honest Questions is the place to be.

1)     Are you eager to explore the hard and troubling questions of your faith?  Willing to examine issues even when that examination challenges your own or others’ cherished beliefs?  Willing to work in loving companionship with those who disagree strongly with your thoughts?

2)     Are you seeking God?  Do you wonder who God is, how God works in the world, what relationship God has with you?  Are you curious about a faith you have never adopted, or perhaps deeply troubled by a faith you have never before questioned?  Would you like more scholarship in your faith?

3)     Are you agnostic, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, or Christian?  Are you full of faith or perhaps full of doubt?  Are you curious, passionate, hopeful, or fearful?  Are you weary of having your faith attacked, or perhaps weary of the troubling beliefs or actions of the faithful?

If so, please join us with your Honest Questions.

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