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home meetings of small groups
are currently postponed.

Join one of our weekly small groups that will run between Feb 9th - April 10th. Check out the times and locations below.

Contact Pastor Cal to get connected. 

These groups run more like a book club than a bible study and focus on 4 Basic Questions to Get Conversation Started:

1. What stood out to you this week? 

2. Was there anything confusing or troubling?
3. Did anything make you think differently about God? 

4. How might this change the way we live?

  • Sunday Night
    North Fargo

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  • Saturday afternoon

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Join us for 40 days through God's Story

Every year our whole church invests time before Easter reading together through large portions of scripture.

This year we are reading stories and selections from across the entire scripture (from Creation to Restoration)
as we journey together through the whole of God's story.

1. Read the selected scriptures (4-days a week for about 15-20 minutes a day)

2. Join a weekly conversational small group to discuss what you've read. 

3. Invite! Because these groups run more like a book club than a bible study, this is a great time to invite friends and neighbors and co-workers and acquaintances to join in.

4. Practice. Stay for Grace-in-Practice following worship on Sundays to practice storytelling skills and encourage others through hands-on activities for all ages.

  • Monday, February 3rd: the personal reading schedule begins
  • Sunday, February, 9th: Sermon series begins. Stay after worship for 20 minute Grace-in-Practice.
  • Feb 9th - April 10th: Small groups meet weekly during our 40 Days adventure.

New this Year: Storytelling Challenge!

Pick a few stories across the 40 days to practice sharing conversationally.
(maybe practice one new story every few weeks?)
learn to share 2-3 stories in conversation

Get more details in our Reading Plan Booklet resource below.