What to expect on sunday mornings

Sunday Schedule:

9:30 am     Worship Gathering

10:45ish     Coffee and Snacks

11:10 am    20-minute Grace-in-Practice

(all ages and stages gather in the fellowship hall to try some hands-on ideas and conversations starters. We practice together on Sunday some ideas that can help us build habits of faith and discipleship in our everyday lives).

11:30am - noon: Classes by Age including

  • Kid's Quest
  • Students of Grace
  • Adults
  • Nursery Class

Why are some doors locked?

We lock the doors by the nursery at 9:40ish on Sunday mornings for a bit of extra security.  The doors by the sanctuary remain open.  So, if you (like many of us) tend to arrive just-a-little-bit behind schedule, plan to park on the street and use the northwest door.


Kids of all ages are welcome to worship with us throughout our gathering.
Busy bags are available near the sanctuary entrance to use or not as you wish.

Optionally, parents may choose :

  • nursery (birth - Age 4)

    A secure, staffed nursery is an option for the littlest among us.  For those from birth through age 4.

What to expect

We seek to Partner with the Holy Spirit in Life-Transforming Pursuit of Jesus

  • Accessibility

    Our building is accessible and open to all people regardless of physical or learning ability.  We have an elevator by the sanctuary (near the northwest door and parking lot).

  • Coffee

    Before worship:  grab a cup from the coffee station and bring it with you to the sanctuary if you wish.

    After the service: coffee and snacks are served and we enjoy a long-standing tradition of fellowship with one another in quick celebration. Our favorite, traditional question that covenanters ask one another during this time is, 'How goes your walk?'.  This is also a great time to mingle across generations.

  • Parking

    Close parking:  we tend to use our closest parking lot (7th Street and 31st Ave) for visitors and those needing close access.
    Additional Parking:  across Broadway for most of our church community
    Street Parking:  also available


    From 11:15 - noon for all ages during the school year

    • Kids's Quest (Grade 1 - Grade 5)
    • Students of Grace (Grade 6 - Grade 12)
    • Nursery Class (birth - Kindergarten)
    • Adult Classes
  • Communion

    We celebrate the Lord's Supper on the first Sunday of the month and sometimes at other gatherings during the month.  The Lord's Supper is open to anyone who has placed their faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

  • what to wear

    Most of our folks dress casually, some a bit more formally. Plenty of us wear jeans and you'll see many in shorts during hotter weather. We hope our gatherings are times of encountering Christ and the Holy Spirit in the word, song, prayer, sacrament, and community. Wear whatever is comfortable for you to engage in worship.

  • Liturgy

    Our worship gathering tends to be a mix of new and traditional - including our music which is generally a mix of newer songs and hymns. We seek for the entirety of our liturgy to be rooted in the word and empowered by the Spirit.

Grace Covenant Church
3030 Broadway North
Fargo, ND 58102


Worship with us at our Sunday Gathering at 9:30am