Our History

We started in a bank in downtown Fargo in 1959.

Think folding chairs in a circle, with lots of (noisy) enthusiasm from adults and kids alike. 

It's recorded that first Christmas together, our founders 'celebrated our Savior with grateful hearts and wonder.'

By 1961 we had planted roots in North Fargo as Knollbrook Covenant Church. 

  • A neighborhood church. 
  • Welcomed as an official member of the Evangelical Covenant Church of America
  • We were named Knollbrook because our new location was part of the Knollbrook Development as North Fargo was expanding.

In 2016, we changed our name to Grace Covenant Church.  

Because, after 50+ years, this area is no longer referred to as Knollbrook.

Now we lovingly and simply refer to our neighborhood as North Fargo.

We still conduct some official business under the Knollbrook Covenant umbrella name and we treasure the rich history and many friendships built upon our Knollbrook roots.