Kids of Grace

At Grace Covenant, we want to partner with parents as they disciple their families with the aim that our kids and students will 'own their faith' by the time they leave home.  Becoming wholeheartedly attached to Jesus and learning more and more how to abide deeply with Him. 

Kid's quest on Sunday morning

After Sunday morning worship, our whole church participates in Grace-in-Practice for 20 minutes from 11:10-11:30am. 

During Grace-in-Practice, we mix kids and adults of all ages and stages to try hands-on ideas and conversation starters

aimed at helping us all live out our everyday faith as disciples who make disciples.

Then from 11:30-noon, our 1st-5th graders learn about God together while trying to have some fun every week.  Generally, Kid's Quest focuses on the same passage that was the focus of the Sunday Gathering Sermon.  Each week the teachers incorporate a science experiment, food object lesson, video or game that relates to the day's topic.

Nursery On sunday morning

From 11:30am-noon, our nursery teachers provide a safe environment with a short teaching, structured play, and free play time.  Partnering with parents and working with the littlest among us as they get used to learning about Jesus with a group of their peers.  Available for those from birth - kindergarten.