Students of Grace

After our Sunday morning gathering, our whole church participates in Grace-in-Practice for 20 minutes from 11:10-11:30am. During Grace-in-Practice, we mix kids and adults of all ages to try hands-on ideas and conversation starters aimed at helping us live out our everyday faith as disciples who make disciples.

Then from 11:30am - noon our students from 6th- 12th grade meet to explore different topics.

Starting September 15th, the topic of choice is 'What is Church?'  As our students prepare for the time when they will get to scout-out a church to attend for themselves or their families, one topic to consider is, "What do you look for in a church?". 

  • How does the Bible describe the church?
  • What are some basics of a healthy church?
  • What do you look for on a church website? When visiting in person?
  • What does our church and the Evangelical Covenant Church believe?
  • What do some other denominations believe?

Discipleship / confirmation class

Every couple of years we host a discipleship course for our 6th - 12th grade students to explore the entirety of the Bible together.  This is a two-year class, walking through both the Old and New Testaments and wrestling with questions of faith and belief.

Our desire as a church is for our young people to wrestle with the truth of scripture and the story of Jesus, so that they know what they believe and 'own their faith' by the time they leave home. Becoming wholeheartedly attached to Jesus and learning how to abide with Him more and more deeply.

Our students are also building a faith community where they can build transformational friendships.  Studying the word together, encouraging one another, having fun together, supporting each others' activities, and serving others together as they
Partner with the Holy Spirit in Life Transforming Pursuit of Jesus.