Grace Covenant Church

Partnering with the Holy Spirit in Life-Transforming Pursuit of Jesus

  • Encountering Christ

  • Embracing Our Identity in Christ

  • Encouraging One Another

  • Engaging the World with the Good News of Jesus

Making Disciples who Love God, Love Others, and Speak the Gospel
is the mission for the world-wide body of Christ.

At Grace Covenant Church, as we talk about what being a disciple of Jesus
looks like,  we point to what we call Mission + 4Es.

Partnering with the Holy Spirit in Life-Transforming pursuit of Jesus

  • Encountering Christ: we desire for everyone to encounter Jesus not only for the first time (in new birth), but also daily as we encounter Jesus and our Heavenly Father, and the Holy Spirit in the word, prayer, worship, sacrament, and community.

  • Embracing Your Identity in Christ: being a disciple (loving God, loving others and speaking the gospel) is simple and hard and simply impossible without the regenerating power of the Holy Spirit. When we are rescued by Jesus and indwelt by the Holy Spirit, we are made new. Putting on this new self, allowing the Holy Spirit to transform us to be more like Jesus in every area of life, and lovingly serving others with our spiritual gifts are all critical aspects of following Jesus.

  • Encouraging One Another:  faith isn't personal and private - we are called to follow Jesus in messy communities of faith...where we can practice the 'one anothers' of the Bible (encouraging one another, bearing with one another, loving one another, spurring one another on to love and good deeds, etc.). Building transformational relationships where we can speak the gospel to one another and remind each other of who we are and whose we are is a key component of life-transforming pursuit of Jesus.

  • Engaging the World with the Good News of Jesus: Jesus loves and rescues people who are far from Him. This is good news! We desire to be a church that:

    * practices speaking the gospel in our everyday lives,
    * loves our neighbors well,
    * allows our lives to be interruptible and inconvenienced,
    * loves mercy, does justice, and walks humbly,
    * supports those who also serve others in Jesus' name, and
    * is generous with our time, talent, and treasure.