Why Election Day Communion & prayer?

Election days are inherently messy days.

We also know as followers of Christ that we are to bring our mess to Him.

We come to prayer and communion to encounter Christ.  To wrestle with our own motives, and idols, and sin.
To seek forgiveness.  To pray for wisdom and peace for ourselves and others.  To unite with others in community while acknowledging our own brokenness and His wholeness. To seek the Holy Spirit’s power to love well, seek justice, and walk humbly with God. Regardless of how we vote, we recognize that Jesus is the true freedom-bringer: the One who brings light into darkness, heals the broken-hearted, demolishes divisions, unites us, and delivers rest for the weary.

so we invite you to

Encounter Christ in Prayer and Communion. 

The sanctuary is open on election day.