intentional Summer 2019

Join us on September 8th in our Sunday Gathering followed by a potluck

as we celebrate our summer stories!

Purpose:   Remember that we are ambassadors of Jesus cleverly disguised as vacationers.

5 Easy steps...

  • STEP 1:  Set up a daily reminder (ex: tape up a worksheet, set an alarm).  (link to printable worksheet)
  • STEP 2:  Go somewhere awesome, normal, or fun.
  • STEP 3:  Remember who you are: Go With Grace and Peace in Abundance as an Ambassador of Jesus.

  • STEP 4:  Be-On-The-Lookout for God All Summer...
    Asking, "Where Did I See God Today?"

  • STEP 5:  Capture a God-story to celebrate on September 8th
    (ex: make a note, snap a selfie, draw a picture)

other ideas to consider

  • Take time to Encounter Christ in nature.

  • Explore the word and prayer in a new location or time of day. Worship with family.

  • Embrace your identity – ask the Holy Spirit for power and deeper love of Jesus.

  • Find a creative way to Encourage One Another.

  • Love your neighbor with a concrete action (at the lake, campground, or home).

  • Experiment with being a ‘BLESS’ing: (Be a Blessing to a Neighbor or Friend)
    - Begin with prayer: Pray with hopeful expectation for a friend who is far from God.
    - Ask an honest question and Listen with Care: What is the story of your faith journey? Do you think there is a God?  Where do you see God in daily life? Have you ever had good or bad experiences with Christians or the church?
    - Eat together – share a summer grill-out.
    - Serve with Love. Meet a need. Jump into a project together with your neighbors.
    - Share your story: as you are about Jesus and how you've needed Him lately.

    Check out the Covenant BLESS resources here.

  •  Take part in our Summer Book Club.  Read the book over the summer (Fight: A Christian Case for Non-Violence)
    Join us for a light supper and discussion on September 8th.